Hummingbird at our window in San Francisco

Travel Essentials: A nectar feeder

 I like to get a good look at the birds wherever I’m staying. It’s easy enough to throw out some seed or set out some fruit and see who comes to call. Also easy to stick a hummingbird feeder in your luggage. They zip from flower to flower and are hard to see. Set out a feeder full of sugar water, and they’ll find it within a day and start hanging out being photogenic. Especially in the desert, other birds enjoy the sugar. Or the water. Or the combo. Or the chance to have their photo taken.

Maybe this is excessive? Nah….. Excessive will be when I try to smuggle my feeder and a bunch of sugar water on a backpacking trip.

No hummingbirds in Africa or Australia, so next trip down under, I’ll bring a feeder and see if sunbirds or others are intrigued.

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