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Mouse and Monkey Vet Blog

x million rats and mice are used in US labs every year —- so . . . . ?

I published my estimate of over 110 million mice annually in US labs and got some criticism of my methods and the resulting estimate. Fair enough. So let’s suppose there are “only”
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A bit more on mouse numbers

Andrew Rowan has written an update on animal use in drug company research, and of course, it touches on numbers of animals, and trends in numbers used. Andrew has been following this
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Over 100 Million Mice per Year in US labs? No One Knows

No One Knows. January 2021, I published my article estimating how many mice and rats per year we use in United States labs every year. The reality: No One Knows. For two
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Animal Research is More Strictly Regulated than Experiments on Human Children???

I followed this YouTube link, the Foundation for Biomedical Research disspelling myths about animals in laboratories: What makes “some people” think this? Because the animal laws require inspecting subjects’ cages
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Analgesia for Animals: My Lottery Theory of Multimodal Pain Treatment

My Lottery Theory of Multimodal Animal Pain Management: Good lab animal welfare requires effective treatment of any pain scientists cause. It is way too easy to pick a drug from
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A new mouse painkiller in your medicine chest

This is what vets in animal laboratories need: a painkiller for mice (and other creatures) that is — Fully effective for all strains, ages and sexes — Completely safe with
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