Joshua Tree

Trip to Joshua Tree, March 2023

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The handles were hung by the table with care in hopes that some mugs soon would appear.

Ready for firing

Cheeky Wombat


Interesting Wombat facts:

  • They are the second largest marsupial
  • They are the largest burrowing animal
  • They poop in cubes.

What we call a “Wombat”, the Australians call a “Cheeky Wombat” and this fellow certainly was cheeky in exploring our campsite on the southeast Australian coast.


Grey Butcher Bird

Grey butcher bird live in colonies and their loud territorial songs feature contributions by different members.

Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake
Tiger Snake

It’s an exaggeration to say that when it comes to Australia, everything is out to kill you.  But the Tiger Snake is highly venomous, so this was a “snap and run” moment.